Body Capital:23-25 February 2017/5

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Panel 4 - New movements and bodies in intermedial forms

The fourth panel explores how visuals play out in various developments within European countries and the USA, ranging from phenomena described as different forms of collectivization and distinction. On the one hand we find different forms of health related group configurations, such as self-help groups (for example, AIDS activists, AnonymousAlcoholics or obesity support groups), promoting new health related attitudes and practices. At the same time we find individuals organized in different distinct activity groups (such as Aerobics or vegan movements) that promote not only a new healthy life, but function as a new marker of social difference and class boundaries.

10:00-10:10 Introduction

Anne Masseran & Philippe Chavot (Université de Strasbourg/Lorraine)

10:10-10:50 Count your calories! Body size as a visual marker of the self in early 20th century US

Nina Mackert (Universität Erfurt)

11:10-11:50 Cinema Is I Fly: J. J. Gibson and the Aviation Psychology Program's Test Films

Oliver Gaycken (University of Maryland)

11:50-12:30 VALIE EXPORT — représentations et espaces de liberté

Sophie Delpeux (Université Sorbonne Paris I)

12:30-12:45 Commentary

Lutz Sauerteig (Durham University)

12:45-13:45 Roundtable discussion

Ursula von Keitz & Paul-André Rosental (ilmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, Berlin & Sciences Po, Paris)

13:45-14:00 Final remarks and closing

Ursula von Keitz, Paul-André Rosental, (ilmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, Berlin & Sciences Po, Paris)