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Monday 6 February  2017
ERC WS2 programme light.pdf
The circulation of body visuals. The television context.
A milestone of BodyCapital, the ERC project focusing on the impact of body visuals produced for audiovisual broadcasting media across 20th century Europe, this study day invites us to look closely into the specific French television context. How has television taken over health and well-being topics? What kind of editorial lines and mise-en-scène did they choose? Was this only about relaying the institutional, governmental and commercial discourses, or did they include the critical approach that is specific to journalism? Our study approach is both specific and global. It chooses to highlight a show’s original approach or simply confront a whole set of programmes on the topic. By looking into contents submitted to censorship, we will also see which topic choices and types of treatment helped television push against imposed editorial limits. We will then examine the representation of the body within this corpus of visuals: gendered body, anonymous body, body silhouette, head, trunk, entire body, body in motion, body at rest.


Introduction by Christian Bonah Christian Bonah (SAGE UMR 7363, University of Strasbourg), Joël Danet (SAGE UMR 7363, University of Strasbourg), Anja Laukötter (MPIWG, Berlin) and Melina Napoli (INA-Grand Est, Strasbourg).

9:50-10:50 Igor Barrère and his work within the "5 colonnes à la une" programme, Nathalie Conq (CREM, University of Lorraine).

Coffee break

11:15-12:15 Health on screen: health programmes on television (1954-2014), Pascale Mansier (IRISSO UMR 7170, Paris Dauphine University).


13:15-14:15 The human body and its evolution: SF, school television and interactive documentaries on the transformation of the representations influenced by technological and scientific progress.


Projections & discussion
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