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Milan Herzog est né le 23 août 1908 à Vrobec (Croatie). Il étudie le droit à Paris et travaille comme correspondant étranger dans toute l'Europe. En 1940, il fuit la guerre et émigre aux États-Unis avec sa famille. Il devient citoyen américain la même année. Il est chef de service au US Office of War Information puis commentateur pour la radio Voice of America. Il commence à travailler chez Encyclopedia Britannica Films en 1946 et y reste jusqu'à sa retraite, en 1973. Il y produit environ 400 films éducatifs qui sont projetés dans les écoles, parmi lesquels une soixantaine de films sur des sujets liés aux sciences humaines et trois longues séries de films pour l'apprentissage des langues étrangères : La Familia Fernandez (espagnol 1er niveau), Emilio en España (espagnol 2e niveau) et Je parle français (français 1er niveau). Milan Herzog parle lui-même cing langues couramment.
Une fois à la retraite, il continue à produire des films indépendants à Los Angeles pendant une vingtaine d'années.

Filmographie partielle :
Airplane trip by jet Amazon: People and Resources of Northern Brazil Answering the Child’s Why (1951) Art in the Western World (dir. John Walker) Antibiotics Balanced Aquarium Ballad of the West Beginning to Date Biography of the Unborn Brass Choir Building a House (Warren Everote produced the 1947 version of this film. Herzog may have produced the 1963 revision)

Children in Autumn Children in Spring Children in Summer Children in Winter Children of Holland Children of Ireland China Under Communism (1959) Christmas Rhapsody, A (1948) Christmas Through the Ages (1955?) Circus: Serrina Becomes an Acrobat (dir. David W. Culver) Circus Day in Our Town (1949) Colombia and Venezuela (2nd ed.) Conducting Good Music Danzas Regionales Españolas (?) Don't Get Angry (1953) El Teatro Español: El Villano en su Rincon (Pts. I, II, & III) (?) Electrostatics (1958) Elephant Baby Emilio en España series (comprising 27 films). 10 other films were identified under the Coloquios Culturales series, with the same cast and crew as the 'Emilio' series. Exploring the Night Sky

Farmer, The Fireman, The (1954) France and Its People Freight Train French Children Frontiers in Space Fuels: Their Nature and Use Fundamentals of the Nervous System (co-produced with William Kay) Gas Laws and Their Application (Boyle, Charles. And Gay-Lussac) Geological Work of Ice Getting Along with Parents (1954) Greek Children Heat: its Nature and Transfer Hindu Family How Our Bodies Fight Disease (1955) Humanities: a Bridge to Ourselves (1974)

India India (Pakistan and the Union of India) India: Customs in the Village India: Introduction to its History Jamestown: the First English Settlement in America Jan: Boy of the Netherlands (dir. Irving Rusinow) Je Parle Français series (comprising an estimated 120 films) In addition two other films were made, 'Teaching French with Films, Pt 1: Listening and Speaking,' (prod. Irving Rusinow) and 'Teaching French with Films, Pt 2: Reading and Writing.' Both films were directed towards teachers that used the series in their classes. La Familia Fernández series (comprising 54 films) La Familia Sanchez (Spanish version of 'Spanish Children') La Guarda Cuidadosa (?) Laws of Motion Learning About Your Nose Let's Go to the Circus (?) Library Story (1952) Los Habladores (?)

Maestros de la Pintura (?) Mailman (1947) Making Books (1947) Meaning of Long Division Meaning of Time in Science, The (1973, dir. Kent Smith. Features Herzog in cameo role as the director of a space project) Meaning of Plus and Minus Medieval Crusades Medieval Gilds Medieval Knights Medieval Manor (1956) Minerals and Rocks: Stones of the Earth Mother Cat and Her Baby Skunks (1958, dir. James F. Bishop) Netherlands: Blueprint for an Urban Society Night Before Christmas Nose: Structure and Function Number System Obesity Our Community (1952)

Pakistan (1954) Panama Canal Passenger Train (1954) People of the Netherlands People of Spain Percussion Group Personality and Emotions (1954) Planter of Colonial Virginia Poland: Land Under Communism (1960) Pueblo Andaluz (?) Reading Maps Rotterdam-Europort: Gateway to Europe (dir. Irving Rusinow) Skeleton Sleep for Health (1950) Soviet Challenge Soviet Union: Faces of Today (dir. Arnold Michaelis, prod. Herzog) Soviet Union: Epic Land (dir. Arnold Michaelis, prod. Herzog) Soviet Union: A Student's Life String Choir Symphony Orchestra (2nd Ed)

Time and Clocks (PSSC series) Tobacco and the Human Body (1954) Toothache of a Clown (co-directed with David W. Culver) Tom Savage: Boy of Early Virginia Trip by Jet, A Trip to the Moon, A (1957, co-produced with William Peltz) Trip to the Planets (prod. Alex Haberstroh) Tugboats Understanding the Law Understanding Vitamins Une Famille Bretonne (French version of French Children) Vacances en Normandie Viaje á Mejico (Spanish version of 'Airplane Trip to Mexico') Viaje por el Norte de España (?) Viaje por el Sur de España(?) Visit with Cowboys, A What is a Bird? What Plants Need for Growth Why Foods Spoil Woodwind Choir Yugoslav Boy: the Story of Frane (dir. Niksa Fulgosi and Octavian Miletic) Zoo's-Eye View: Dawn to Dark (dir. James Oliver)

Produced for Barr Films:

In the mid 1980s, Milan and Shanta Herzog produced a series of films that were sold as Social Studies films in their English versions, and Foreign-language instruction films in their native language versions. They were released in 1988:

France - Fontaine Family France - History and Culture France - Land and People

Spain: History and Culture Spain: Jose and His Family Spain: Land and People

Espana - Geografia y Poblacion - Advanced Espana - Geografia y Poblacion - Beginning Espana - Historia y Cultura - Advanced Espana - Historia y Cultura - Beginning Espana - Jose y Sus Parientes - Advanced

France: Histoire et Culture France: La Familie Fontaine France: Le Pays et le Peuple

Produced for Tadié-Cinema, France:

Cave Man, The (dir. Guy Jorré, prod. Milan Herzog)

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