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Réalisateur et producteur britannique de films d'enseignement et documentaires. Il a travaillé pour la Gaumont-British Instructional, la GPO Film Unit et la Crown Film Unit. Pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, il a développé le story documentary avec Pat Jackson et Harry Watt.

Liste partielle de ses films ː

Shakespeare (1934)
Wake up and Feed (Feeding Time at the Zoo) (1935)
Physical Education for Boys (1935)
Physical Education for Girls (1935)
Physical Education for Children Aged 4 to 6 (1935)
Physical Education for Childre Aged 7 Years (1935)
Analysis of Exercises (1936)
Boys' Summer Games (1936)
Boys' Winter Games (1936)
Infants Part 1&2 (1936)
Progressive Training in Ball Handling (1936)
Analysis of Agility Exercises (1936)
Medieval Village (1936)
The Mine (1936)
Way to the Sea (1936)
Ordinary People (1941)
The Islanders (1939)
Ordinary People (1941)
Coastal Command (1942)
The People at No.19 (1949)
Berth 24 (1950)
Probation Officer (1950)
This Year-London (1951)
This is York (1953)
Looking at Gold and Silver (1963)
The Hunch (1967)

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