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The inaugural conference of the ERC BodyCapital project held in Strasbourg (23-25 February 2017) brought together scholars from the fields of history, history of medicine, media studies, film studies and film history. The conference explored the broad field of the project’s research agenda with four distinct, yet overlapping, axes articulated as four panels. Each panel was opened with a keynote lecture that addressed the broader context of the panel, without considering audiovisual aspects. This was followed by a short introduction that tied the theme to the project’s objectives, then three papers by invited speakers and concluded with a commentary.

Thursday, February 23rd
13:00-13:30 Welcome and General Introduction

Christian Bonah, Michel Deneken, Jay Rowell, Anja Laukötter (Université de Strasbourg & MPIHD Berlin)

13:30-14:30 Keynote lecture
From colonial to global history: knowledge, diseases and the government of bodies.

Jean-Paul Gaudillière (Cermes 3, Paris INSERM)

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