Beri-beri, die B1-Avitaminose der Tropen (1932)

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Beri-beri, die B1-Avitaminose der Tropen

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Title Beri-beri, die B1-Avitaminose der Tropen
Year of production 1932
Country of production Allemagne
Director(s) Albert Schretzenmayr
Duration 25 minutes
Format Muet - Noir et blanc - 35 mm
Original language(s) German
Subtitles and transcription French
Archive holder(s) Bayer
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Main credits


die B1-Avitaminose der Tropen

Bearbeitungː Prof. Dr. med. Albert Schretzenmayr
Direktor der med. Klinik der militärärtzlichen Akademie in Canton (Südchina)

Aufnahmenː Robert Ritter, Canton (Südchina)


Medical themes


Le béribéri et son traitement.

Main genre

Film de recherche





Structuring elements of the film

  • Reporting footage  : Yes.
  • Set footage  : No.
  • Archival footage  : No.
  • Animated sequences  : Yes.
  • Intertitles  : Yes.
  • Host  : No.
  • Voice-over  : No.
  • Interview  : No.
  • Music and sound effects : No.
  • Images featured in other films : No.

How does the film direct the viewer’s attention?


How are health and medicine portrayed?


Broadcasting and reception

Where is the film screened?


Presentations and events associated with the film




Local, national, or international audience




Supplementary notes


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  • French subtitles : Élisabeth Fuchs, Marion Speisser