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|Titre=Alcool et qualité de vie;
|Titre=Alcool et qualité de vie
|Année de production=1991
|Année de production=1991
|Format film=VHS;
|Format film=VHS;

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Alcool et qualité de vie

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Title Alcool et qualité de vie
Year of production 1991
Country of production France
Duration minutes
Format Parlant - Couleur - VHS
Original language(s) French
Warning: this record has not been reviewed yet and may be incomplete or inaccurate.

Main credits



Main genre




Structuring elements of the film

  • Reporting footage  : No.
  • Set footage  : No.
  • Archival footage  : No.
  • Animated sequences  : No.
  • Intertitles  : No.
  • Host  : No.
  • Voice-over  : No.
  • Interview  : No.
  • Music and sound effects : No.
  • Images featured in other films : No.

How does the film direct the viewer’s attention?

How are health and medicine portrayed?

Broadcasting and reception

Where is the film screened?

Presentations and events associated with the film


Local, national, or international audience