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Permanent call
The digital platform of teaching and research MedFilm is a collaborative initiative accommodated by the University of Strasbourg.

Every person who wishes to participate in the constitution of the database, in the location of medical and sanitary utilitarian movies or the writing of notes about movies is invited to contact us at: MedFilm ( at ) The information contained on the platform MedFilm is validated in an academic way before their publication by the editorial persons in charge of MedFilm. The writers are recognized and mentioned as authors of the produced texts.

Collaborations can be made either from movies already spotted by ourselves either from outside suggestions. The latter have to concern utilitarian movies / unpublished for which we can obtain an authorization of restricted on-line publishing.

We hold at the disposal of the writers aform of blank typical analysis. The persons in charge of MedFilm wish that the site is mentioned to when a communication or a publication leans on the movies that it puts on-line or the contents of the concerned notes.
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