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|Gauche_1=18-20 March 2020
|Gauche_1=18-20 March 2020
|Centre_1=Films et outils
|Centre_1=Films et outils
|Gauche_2=18-20 June 2020
|Centre_3=Appel permanent
|Centre_3=Appel permanent

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New dates : 11-13 november 2020
Locating Medical Television

An International Conference organised by ERC BodyCapital & the Science Museum Dana Research Centre

Locating Medical Television: The Televisual Spaces of Medicine and Health in the 20th Century ONLINE CONFERENCE

Conference website: http://bodycapital.unistra.fr/activites/locating-medical-television/

Medical television programmes, across their history, have had specific relationships to places and spaces:

On the one level, they have represented medical and health places: consulting rooms, hospitals, the home, community spaces, public health infrastructures and the rest. As television-producers have represented these places, there has been an interaction with the developing capabilities of television technologies and grammars. Moreover, producers have borrowed their imaginaries of medical and health places from other media (film, photographs, museum displays etc.) and integrated, adjusted and reformulated them into their work…

Attendance is open to anyone interested in the topic, please register.

More details

For further information or to register, contact Tricia Close-Koenig tkoenig(a)unistra.fr.

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Permanent call
The digital platform of teaching and research MedFilm is a collaborative initiative accommodated by the University of Strasbourg.

Every person who wishes to participate in the constitution of the database, in the location of medical and sanitary utilitarian movies or the writing of notes about movies is invited to contact us at: MedFilm ( at ) unistra.fr. The information contained on the platform MedFilm is validated in an academic way before their publication by the editorial persons in charge of MedFilm. The writers are recognized and mentioned as authors of the produced texts.

Collaborations can be made either from movies already spotted by ourselves either from outside suggestions. The latter have to concern utilitarian movies / unpublished for which we can obtain an authorization of restricted on-line publishing.

We hold at the disposal of the writers aform of blank typical analysis. The persons in charge of MedFilm wish that the site is mentioned to medfilm.unistra.fr when a communication or a publication leans on the movies that it puts on-line or the contents of the concerned notes.

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Prior events [+]

18-20 June 2020 (postponed)
Televising the Socialist Body. Projections of Health and Welfare on the Socialist and Post-Socialist Screen
An ERC BodyCapital conference, Paris, 18-20 June 2020, co-organised with the Centre d'études des mondes russe, caucasien et centre européen (EHESS) Television prospered upon a tension between education and leisure, which was especially acute in a socialist context. Televisions began to appear in homes in Eastern Europe after its stabilization as a socialist “block” dominated by the USSR. However diverse by nature and history, all the socialist regimes shared common strategies of mass propaganda, i.e. the intensive use of media to convert people and transform collective/individual behaviours. Television was supposed to be a new tool allowing direct normative shaping of every citizen, but some circles also blamed it for stimulating the disarticulation of the class/work/political collective...

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20 mai 2019, 20h
Images du corps dans le film de santé : faire voir, faire peur, faire avec
Films de prévention, films d'information, films de formation... la Santé et la médecine ont généré de nombreuses images à destination du grand public ou des professionnels. Revenons sur la manière dont le corps a été représenté dans cette production abondante. "Faire voir" pour apprendre; "faire peur" pour prévenir; "faire avec" pour témoigner. ERC BodyCapital members Joël Danet and Tricia Close-Koenig, along with Ludovic Strappazon (DNUM, Université de Strasbourg), will present the work on and with medical films in the ERC BodyCapital project and with the MedFilm film platform.

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27 February – 1 March 2019
Tele visualising health Programme .pdf
Tele(visualising) Health: TV, Public Health, its Enthusiasts and its Publics
Televisions began to appear in the homes of large numbers of the public in Europe and

North America after World War II. This coincided with a period in which ideas about the public’s health, the problems that it faced and the solutions that could be offered, were changing. The threat posed by infectious diseases was receding, to be replaced by chronic

conditions linked to lifestyle and individual behaviour.

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This research received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) 'The healthy self as body capital (BodyCapital) project under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 694817).

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