L'air (pur) source de vie (1936 ; 1938)

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Title :
L'air (pur) source de vie
Year of production :
Country of production :
Director(s) :
Scientific advisor(s) :
Format :
speaking film - Black and white - 16 mm, 35 mm
Subtitles and transcription :
Archive holder(s) :

Main credits



« Hygiène générale » (Lucien Viborel, 1953)

Main genre


« La respiration naturelle. La respiration artificielle. La réanimation. Mécanisme de la respiration. Joies procurées par les exercices physiques. Utilité du contrôle médical. » (Lucien Viborel, 1953)


Structuring elements of the film

  • Reporting footage : No.
  • Set footage : No.
  • Archival footage : No.
  • Animated sequences : No.
  • Intertitles : No.
  • Host : No.
  • Voix off : No.
  • Interview : No.
  • Music and sound effects : No.
  • Images featured in other films : No.

How does the film direct the viewer’s attention?

How are health and medicine portrayed?

Broadcasting and reception

Where is the film screened?

Presentations and events associated with the film


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